The Current Position

In 2012 the government requested councils to deliver Safe Walking and Safe Cycling strategies, this was endorsed in 2013 by NICE, it has further been underlined by Lord Holmes, The Active Travel Act (Wales (2014), Active Travel Bill (England), Infrastructure Bill 2015 A moratorium has been called on shared space / shared use schemes as up to 35% of walking in these areas stop once the space becomes shared.

Enough evidence across the UK and Europe exists to prove that walking and cycling need their own space to ensure both practices flourish and grow in our community. Shared space is deemed unfair on cyclists and dangerous for pedestrians. Just look at our cycling cities to see the dedicated routes taking shape.

We are determined to end the polarised campaign of single focus lobby groups, and ask that our council deliver and fund good quality schemes including safe walkways and safe crossings throughout our town. Most recently (this Spring) the Cycling and Walking investment strategy was enshrined in law enabling funding of such walking schemes.


About Afoot

Afoot is an association of like-minded people who are concerned at the steady rise in militant, anti-social cycling.  Although many of us are cyclists and are very concerned that cycling should be made as safe and as easy as possible, we are equally concerned that increasing safety for cyclists should not be at the expense of additional danger to other road users, particularly pedestrians.

Afoot members are residents of Eastbourne who walk, cycle and drive. We believe that urban space needs to be safe for all, with investment made to deliver good quality schemes. We have no affiliation to one mode of transport therefore consider ourselves independent and can view urban design through the eyes evidence based best practice.

Afoot is concerned that militant cycling groups are forcing the agenda of local authorities and, by their aggressive promotion of their mantra are intimidating opponents into submission.

Afoot is about redressing the balance and giving pedestrians and drivers the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns.

Cycling and walking continue to decline in Eastbourne, but our council hides its head in the sand and continues to promote the "Emperor’s New Clothes" that is Shared Space.

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